We Are Running Out of Time to Get it Right

March 14, 2012
By The 2030 Group

The Washington D.C. region has always prided itself on its people’s ability to be forward thinking and civic minded.  Around 1900, regional leaders came together for a preservation effort that led to the creation of Rock Creek Park – a major and unique asset for our area.  In the 1950’s the region’s leaders came together again, determined to develop a Metro system to provide ease of regional transit and bring the suburbs and city together for both economic development and improved quality of life.  It has been another 50 years.  So what could we point to as our legacy as we move deeper into the 2000s?

What would be your answer?

Today, we launch this blog to get people talking.  We want to facilitate a forum for discussion of regional cooperation that promotes a high-quality-of-life for the greatest number of our fellow Washington metropolitan citizens.

But we also want to hear from you.

Thank you for making time to read our post and since you are already on our website, take a moment to check out the research on long-range economic trends we have done in collaboration with Dr. Steven Fuller of George Mason and Dr. Jacques Gansler of University of Maryland.  There are some eye-opening statistics – and we are currently not poised to take advantage of the many wonderful opportunities happening within our region.

We may be squandering our only chance to get it right.

Our call to action for you is to get more involved, get regional, and think longer-term to sustain prosperity for those who have it and expand the numbers of people who can achieve it.  Help carry the 2030 Group message to the public.  Most local politicians have only a short-range focus due to their term in office.  If we do not demand more regional thinking and action, we may fall far short of our potential.

Our legacy is on the line.