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Bridging the Potomac Barrier

Leo Schefer is President of the Washington Airports Task Force. Two new bridges across the Potomac, west of the Capital Beltway, would do more than any other project to relieve traffic congestion in the western half of the region, based on modeling the Washington Airports Task Force did with the MWCOG transportation model.  Also, with […]

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Infrastructure Bank Forum: What I learned

Richard Suisman is the Chair of Our Nation’s Capital. On Tuesday April 17th, over 100 people attended a timely Infrastructure Bank Forum on the Arlington Campus of George Mason University.  The diverse audience included think tank members, elected officials, professors in public policy and other academics, as well as the media.  It also attracted citizens […]

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Setting the Example

Lisa Rother is the Executive Director of Urban Land Institute – Washington. While the Washington area economy continues to outperform the nation’s other prominent metropolitan regions – New York, San Francisco, Dallas, etc. – it lags behind in collaborative regional thinking.  And the region’s biggest employer, the federal government, is looking to make massive cuts […]

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A TRIP to Regional Prosperity

Richard Parsons is President of the Suburban Maryland Transportation Alliance. From the Maryland side of the Potomac River, one can simply look across at Virginia and see new bridges, new roads, and major new public transportation projects.  While our states have historically had a competitive economic relationship, Marylanders should take note:  Our neighbors are investing in […]

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Banking on Our Region’s Future

The transportation infrastructure issues across our region must be addressed swiftly.  The wealth of jobs to be created by improving our roadways, bridges, rail lines, and other public transit would be a welcome economic boost, thereby strengthening the region as a whole.

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