Barry Dewberry

Barry Dewberry, Vice Chairman of the Dewberry Board of Directors was instrumental in turning the firm into one of the nation’s largest and diverse engineering & architectural firms. Professional services range from civil/environmental engineering, architectural design, program management, and technologies development for private/public sector clients. During his first decade with the organization, Barry centralized and broadly enhanced the selected internal operations’ capabilities.  He developed and managed the human resources group, the management information & technologies group, and later served as central administrative services director for Dewberry.  He established Dewberry Technologies, Inc. (DTI), and during the mid-1980’s Barry designed and implemented The Dewberry Institute, known today as the Dewberry Learning Center.

Barry was named general partner in 1988 and took on the co-responsibility of managing the entire firm with Sid Dewberry.  When Dewberry changed from a partnership to LLC in 1991, Barry became the COO and transitioned to CEO in 1995. In 2001 the Dewberry family decided to turn over the daily management of all Dewberry companies to non-family members to ensure the indefinite life of the company, hence Barry stepped down as CEO. His time with Dewberry technologies fueled aggressive firm growth, advances in technologies, education and opportunities for the employees.

Barry Dewberry holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee and master’s degree from American University.

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