Our Initiatives

Building the Region’s Future

Seeking Transformative Solutions

We’ve undertaken several ongoing efforts with the involvement of our committed community of business leaders. Read on to find out more about how to put Greater Washington on a positive and sustainable trajectory.


Greater Washington requires a world-class transportation system to remain competitive in a global economy.

Metro was once one of the region’s greatest assets, but today it is a growing liability. We can change that. Effective governance and dedicated, sustainable funding are needed in order to reverse this trend, improve operations, and restore Metro to the world-class system it was intended to be.

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2030 Roadmap

Regional leaders came together last March to discuss the status of the Roadmap for Greater Washington.

We worked to address our transportation and housing affordability issues, rebrand the region, and increase the collaboration between the academic sector and business community in a way that ignites the entrepreneurial culture across the region if we are to solve our issues locally and compete globally.

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Rebranding Greater Washington

Greater Washington is primarily perceived to be a place of gridlock, partisanship and political dysfunction—and as of late a swamp that needs to be drained.

Our charge is to create a regional brand that transforms the image of the Washington metro area into one that is less government-centric and positions the region based on its positive attributes.

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Rebranding Greater Washington