Greater Washington requires a world-class transportation system to remain competitive in a global economy.

Changing the Conversation

Metro was once one of the region’s greatest assets, but today it is a growing liability. We can change that. Effective governance and dedicated, sustainable funding are needed in order to reverse this trend, improve operations, and restore Metro to the world-class system it was intended to be.

Without substantial and immediate reform to Metro’s governance, funding, and operations, Metro service will continue to decline. A decaying Metro undermines Greater Washington’s economic security, quality of life and ability to attract and retain the talent and businesses needed to compete on a global scale.

The MetroNow coalition is a group of regional leaders from organizations representing the region’s riders, advocates, businesses, and civic leaders who have come to together to ensure that action is taken to put Metro—the backbone of Greater Washington’s transportation infrastructure—on a safe, smart and sustainable path forward in 2018 and beyond.


How We Get There

Better Governance: We need decision-making that puts WMATA first.

  • A smaller and more effective board can balance political leadership priorities more effectively
  • Technical experts for board positions
  • Removal of the jurisdictional veto

Dedicated Funding: We need sustainable, dedicated funding.

  • A minimum of $500M in sustainable, dedicated and bondable funding from DC, Maryland and Virginia
  • No less than $150M in sustainable, dedicated funding from the federal government

Improved Operations: We need Metro operations to be safe and reliable.

  • New funding and governance will provide stronger, more effective operations of the Metro system
  • Planning and investment decisions must be driven by performance outcomes—not politics

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2030 Roadmap

In April, regional leaders came together for the Third Annual Roadmap for Greater Washington's Economic Future.

For the third time, leaders from Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia gathered together to review progress since the last Roadmap and to set the course for next year. We celebrated historic progress on Metro, discussed the potential impact of Amazon HQ2 coming to Washington, and learned more about the economic status of Greater Washington.

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