Year-over-year joblessness down in D.C. region

May 31, 2018
By The 2030 Group

By: InsideNova

Year-over-year joblessness in the Washington region was down in April, according to new federal figures, part of an ongoing national trend toward lower unemployment.

With 3,411,710 people in the civilian workforce and 107,061 looking for jobs, the region’s unemployment rate of 3.1 percent was down from 3.4 percent in April 2017, according to figures reported May 30 by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Washington region was among 305 metropolitan areas across the nation to report lower year-over-year jobless rates. A total of 63 areas saw higher unemployment, with 20 metro regions reporting no change.

Nationally, the non-seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in April was down from 4.1 percent a year before.

Among all metro areas, Ames (Iowa) had the lowest jobless rate during the month, at 1.5 percent. Yuma (Ariz.) reported the highest, at 15.7 percent.

Among the 51 metro areas across the nation with populations of more than 1 million, Nashville had the lowest unemployment rate, at 2.2 percent, while Buffalo had the highest, at 5.1 percent.

Among Virginia localities outside the Washington metro area, year-over-year unemployment rates were lower across the board. Jobless rates ranged from 2.7 percent (in Winchester, Staunton-Waynesboro and Harrisonburg) to 3.2 percent (in Lynchburg).

Statewide, April’s jobless rate of 2.8 percent – down from 3.5 percent a year before – represented about 4.35 million in the civilian workforce and just under 123,000 looking for jobs.

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